Musical Instrument Manufacturers Offering Online Sales from St. Louis

Discover how you can get low prices on new musical instruments from companies based in St. Louis such as Louis Music (SLM), Nottelmann Music Company & LOUD Technologies Inc.

Musical Instrument Manufacturers Offering Online Sales from St. Louis

Many people don't think it's possible to get low prices on new musical instruments and equipment. However, as one of the largest suppliers of musical instruments and equipment from the best brands, it is very efficient for our suppliers to do business with us. This efficiency translates into savings that we can pass on to you, while still having the resources to guarantee you the best service. Louis Music (SLM) is a manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments, accessories, and equipment.

SLM distributes products from more than 260 brands in the musical products industry, is the corporate owner of several brands of string and brass instruments, and is the exclusive global producer and distributor of Alvarez and Álvarez-Yairi guitars. The company's history dates back to 1929 when Bernard and David Kornblum established a European distribution with headquarters in Belgium. At the same time, Erna Kornblum acquired the sheet music wholesaler St. Louis Music Supply, and Kornblum Brothers Music took over the company St.

Louis Music Supply. In 1938, Erna and her husband Jack moved to California, and the Kornblum brothers ceased their efforts in Europe and returned to the United States. St. Louis Music Supply had 20 employees at this time and expanded its product offering to include band instruments, sheet music, and accessories. SLM survived the World War II era by diversifying and selling paintings, leather goods, and fine writing instruments. After World War II, the company expanded its distribution of musical instruments with the addition of brands such as Harmony guitars, Kay guitars, Regal ukuleles, York Band instruments, Zildjian cymbals, and Turner microphones.

In 1954, SLM became a distributor of Thomas organs. Bernard's son Gene joined the company full time in 1961 when rock and roll was gaining widespread popularity. Under Gene's direction, St. Louis Music became the exclusive distributor of Trixon Drums and developed the Apollo Drums brand. The company also became a regional distributor of Magnatone guitars and amplifiers.

In 1968, Gene Kornblum met Japanese luthier Kazuo Yairi through a Japanese business partner which resulted in handmade acoustic guitars produced under the Alvarez-Yairi brand that attracted notable guitarists such as Roy Clark and Waylon Jennings. In 1971, SLM acquired exclusive distribution rights to the Elka Rhapsody string synthesizer and moved to an expanded facility on Ferguson Avenue. Louis Music refined its processes for importing unfinished string instruments with final assembly and configuration in the U. S. Two years later, a second manufacturing plant was opened in Yellville, Arkansas. In 1987, SLM changed its name to St.

Louis Music and acquired pioneering bass amplifier brand Ampeg after its bankruptcy. The company re-introduced the SVT tube bass amplifier with original specifications plus refinements. In 1992, a third generation of the Kornblum family - Ted Kornblum - joined St. Louis Music. Instead of outsourcing manufacturing overseas for their amplifiers, St.

Louis Music decided to manufacture them themselves which led to success with their CR1 line of Crate amplifiers for guitar, bass, and keyboards. The company also improved its processes for importing unfinished string instruments with final assembly in the U. S.Due to favorable exchange rates at the time, Ted Kornblum was able to purchase St. Louis Music for less than expected which allowed him to offer products to musical instrument retailers in St.

Louis at competitive prices. Nottelmann Music Company has been providing quality products with exceptional customer service to St. Louis since then. Today SLM is part of LOUD Technologies Inc., along with its Knilling string instrument division and Austin guitar division.

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