Are There Any Musical Instrument Distributors Based in St. Louis?

Louis Music is one of the largest distributors of musical instruments & accessories in North America with partners around the world & more than 13000 products.

Are There Any Musical Instrument Distributors Based in St. Louis?

Louis Music is a division of the United States of America and is one of the largest distributors of musical instruments and accessories in North America. They work closely with more than 265 brands to ensure that they meet all the needs of their consumers when it comes to instruments and accessories. Louis Music has partners around the world in major countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and many more. The Louis Music catalog is packed with great deals on more than 13,000 products. They are a manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments, accessories and equipment.

They distribute products from more than 260 brands in the musical products sector, are the corporate owner of several brands of string and brass instruments, and are the exclusive global producer and distributor of Alvarez and Álvarez-Yairi guitars. In 1929, Erna acquired the sheet music wholesaler St. Louis Music Supply. In 1938, Erna and her husband Jack moved to California, and the Kornblum brothers ceased their efforts in Europe and returned to the United States. St.

Louis Music Supply had 20 employees and expanded their product offering to include band instruments, sheet music and accessories. After World War II, Louis Music expanded their distribution of musical instruments with the addition of brands such as Harmony guitars, Kay guitars, Regal ukuleles, York Band instruments, Zildjian cymbals and Turner microphones. In 1954, they became a distributor of Thomas organs. Bernard's son Gene joined the company full time in 1961. Under Gene's direction, instead of distributing just the same products as other distributors, St. Louis Music became the exclusive distributor of Trixon Drums and developed the Apollo Drums brand.

In addition, they became a regional distributor of Magnatone guitars and amplifiers. In 1968, Gene Kornblum met Kazuo Yairi through a Japanese business partner which resulted in handmade acoustic guitars produced under the Alvarez-Yairi brand. In 1971, they acquired exclusive distribution rights to the Elka Rhapsody string synthesizer and moved to an expanded facility on Ferguson Avenue. They refined their processes for importing unfinished string instruments with the final assembly and configuration in the U.S.

In 1987, they changed their name to St. Louis Music. In 1992, they opened a new 20,000-foot R&D plant and two years later a second manufacturing plant in Yellville, Arkansas. In 1996, Ted Kornblum joined the company as a third generation of the Kornblum family. St. Louis Music is a musical instrument distributor for music stores and retailers.

They offer guitars, sigma guitars, string and brass instruments and drums as well as major brands of accessories such as stands, pedals and wind instruments. After working in a music store and as a tie seller he bought a shipment of instruments and accessories in response to an advertisement published in a newspaper by Seibenbrun. In 2001 St. Louis Music was acquired by LOUD Technologies Inc., which included its Knilling string instrument and Austin guitar divisions. Due to the fall in exchange rates the purchase cost him less than expected which allowed him to offer products to musical instrument retailers in St.

Louis. They decided to manufacture amplifiers themselves instead of outsourcing manufacturing overseas which resulted in success with their CR1 turning into a complete line of Crate amplifiers for guitar, bass and keyboards.

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